Our hospital’s shared useful information about anal region disorders and the treatment process.

  1. What are anal region diseases and what complaints do the patients apply to the doctor?

The rectum (anal region) is the last part of the digestive system. All of the diseases that occur in this region are called anal region diseases. Patients usually apply to the doctor with complaints of itching, burning, bleeding, pain, palpable mass. The most common complaints of patients are burning and itching.

  1. Itching and burning in this area are seen in which diseases?

We first examine the patients who apply with the complaints of itching and burning. If there is redness in that area as a result of the examination, this may be due to a fungal infection, eczema or psoriasis. If there is no rash, it may be due to intestinal worms or discharge from another rectal disease.

  1. In which diseases is the complaint of discharge seen?

The discharge is usually seen in hemorrhoid disease. It can also be seen in sexually transmitted diseases and eczema.

  1. In which diseases does bleeding occur?

We can examine patients with bleeding complaints in two groups. Acute (less than 6 weeks from onset of complaint) and chronic (more than 6 weeks).

Acute bleeding is usually seen in hemorrhoidal disease and this bleeding is red in color and seen after defecation.

In patients with chronic bleeding, if the bleeding focus is not detected, cancer research should be performed.

  1. In which diseases is the complaint of pain seen?

Temporary pain during and after defecation is typically seen in acute and chronic anal fissure disease. The acute onset of pain relieved by the removal of the palpable mass is seen in thrombosed hemorrhoids disease. If the pain is accompanied by fever and chills, it is an anal abscess. It requires surgical intervention as soon as possible.

  1. In which diseases is a palpable mass seen?

A palpable mass is usually seen in hemorrhoids, large skin tags, condyloma and cancers.

  1. Finally, what are the recommendations for patients with these complaints?

In diseases of this region, patients should consult a doctor without delay. Applications are delayed because patients are shy of the examination. And this delay complicates the treatment of the disease, which can be solved more simply. For instance, when the pain starts in anal abscess disease, a simple procedure can be solved when the patient applies, but when the abscess progresses, the patient may require multiple procedures. When a hemorrhoid disease that can be treated with behavior change and medication progresses, it may require surgical intervention. Likewise, patients with anal fissures, which can be cured with medication, experience unnecessary pain for days. For these reasons, it is important for patients with complaints of this region to consult a doctor.

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