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Optimed International

Your health is safe with us

Our patient consultant who welcomes you with a smiling face from the moment you enter our hospital will be happy to help you with the services listed below. Our goal is to treat you so that you can regain your health and return to your daily life as soon as possible. We would like to thank you for your cooperation and the trust you have in the service we offer, and hope that you will be back to your home as soon as possible.

  • Answer the questions of the patients and their relatives.
  • Providing information about the phone numbers of the doctors and the room numbers of inpatients.
  • Helping you when you need a taxi and calling taxi.
  • Providing you with guidance brochures, consultation and all floor counters that will allow you to easily access the in-hospital departments.
  • Providing brochures on health topics in areas where you can reach them.

Our basic principle is to contribute to the health of our people by improving the quality of life in the light of scientific and technological developments and to produce the most current and accurate solution to health problems as soon as possible. Success is only possible with a knowledgeable, experienced, friendly, and willing team. Our belief in teamwork and the possibilities of modern technology to reach high standards in human health helps us to achieve success.

Our hospital was founded in 2007 with the desire to create a modern, decent and quality healthcare facility where all the facilities of technology are used. With a team of approximately 60 physicians and a team of 500 people, our hospital offers medical knowledge, experience and labor to the service of society.

As a hospital that respects patient rights and adopts ethical values, our aim is to present technological and scientific developments to our patients, to continue the communication by increasing patient satisfaction with the feedbacks we receive based on trust we have provided so far, to continue our way by offering uninterrupted health service which is deserving of society.

Our patients meet all health needs from a single center and receive medical diagnosis and treatment services at international standards in a safe environment.

Our hospital is located in the center of Çerkezköy and has a confined area of 17.000m2 in two blocks. The building which was opened in 2015 has 14 floors and continues to serve with the aim of being the leading health institution in the region with its heliport and 200 beds capacity. In addition to the latest technological systems required for patient care in our hospital, our hospital consists various patient rooms designed for the comfort of our patients, equipped with LCD TV, refrigerator and air-conditioner, along with suites, single or double rooms.

Birth photograph service is provided in our hospital. (Prenatal period, pregnant shooting, birth moment, baby’s first meeting with mother, filming the whole family) 

Provides full service to the local people with 16-bed General Intensive Care, 4-bed Coronary Intensive Care, 5-bed Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care, and 14 Newborn Intensive Care Units. We are serving 24/7 with our team of experienced doctors and medical staff. The hospital includes 5 operating theaters in total, one of which is specially designed for Cardiovascular Surgery operations, and we perform all kinds of operations in a safe and sterile environment. We provide services with our Obstetrics and Gynecology clinics and four delivery rooms which are specially designed to meet baby friendly hospital and mother friendly hospital standards.

In 2010, we received the title of Baby Friendly Hospital and in 2019 we became the Mother Friendly Hospital. With our renewed computed tomography, we deliver faster and better images with low dose radiation. For patients who have a fear of closed area, we are serving with 1.5 Tesla closed MRI with shorter tunnel and quiet shooting in order to overcome this fear.

In addition to these devices, our radiology unit provides 7/24 continuous service with Bone Densitometry, Lithotripsy, Digitalized Mammography, X-ray and Panoramic X-ray equipment.

Our hospital is the first health institution to receive ISO 9001: 2008 certificate in the region.  Our staff regularly receive in-service trainings. Our hospital has signed agreements with private health insurance companies and SSI in all branches. In addition, the agreements made with the appropriate price policy, efficient and effective health services, allow the majority of the society to benefit from health services. 

To follow the scientific and technological developments in the health sector, to keep our patients healthy and to improve their quality of life, to gain the trust of our patients and to produce the most accurate and up-to-date solution to health problems as soon as possible.

To give importance to ethical values, refer to patient safety and satisfaction, and to serve with a health team dedicated to their profession,

Finally, we are at your disposal to be always a preferred institution by patients and employees.

Optimed aims to provide the satisfaction of patient and patient relatives with the health services it provides, to serve in international quality standards with its strong physician staff, health workers and infrastructure and to be a reference hospital by leading many subjects in the region.

Patient and Patient Relatives

  • We always offer our patients high quality with affordable prices.
  • We consider each patient as part of our family.


  • Together with our physicians, we believe and take part in social responsibility projects.
  • We complete the projects we have created successfully and timely, without exasperating our challenges.

Our Staff

  • We appreciate the achievements in team spirit and act solution-oriented in the problems that may arise.
  • We value our staff and we do not forget that our employees have a sweat in every success achieved.
  • With our staff, patients, suppliers and society, we create trust in the framework of our principles and values.

Our Suppliers

  • We aim to improve continuously by focusing on sustainable commercial success.

Baby Friendly Hospital

The institution which serves with aim to provide that newborn babies are breastfed and consequently grow into a self-confident generation, also helps to strengthen the relation between mother and the baby by providing trainings for mothers and therefore a smooth breast feeding period, and promotes breastfeeding until age of 2 and further, is called baby friendly institution.

Mother Friendly Hospital

This title is given to the hospitals which aim the quality of health services given to the mother, the lack of any intervention without a medical reason, the provision of mother and baby-oriented education services in all subjects from birth to postpartum, the delivery unit providing services at single delivery units in accordance with national standards, the high standards of confidentiality which are based on meeting the expectations in the best way. The institution which encourages mothers to have a normal birth, shows that the birth can be as it should be in its own flow, aims to reduce the rate of intervention and caesarean section, to allow mothers to live in a comfortable environment, in a home as comfortable as their homes, and to live with a companion who will feel better beside them, is called mother friendly institution.

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